Thursday, August 4, 2011


It's been over a month since I've blogged.. but for good reason!
We have been so busy with the house, working and going on vacation (what a life) that I have totally forgotten to BLOG.

So many exciting things have been going on in our lives.
First and foremost I'm going to be an AUNT!
I can FINALLY scream it from the rooftop... my brother and sister in law are pregnant and are due in February! It's the first grandchild on our side of the family so everyone is stoked!
I can't wait to hug and kiss "Baby Oliver," I'm so happy for you guys- Ryan & Marguerite!
plus one ;)

Secondly, good things have been happening for Kyle!
I don't want to go too much into details but I'm very happy after all these years and hard work- it has paid off and Kyle is very blessed :) I'm so proud of you Kyle, you're such a hard worker and I love you!

My best friend, Chez, got her dream job this year and will be teaching Kindergarten at FDES! I'm so very happy for her and proud of her! She has worked hard to get where she is and I couldn't be happier for you, Cheserae! We love you :)

Chez's Classroom :)

Our neighbor's just had their little boy, Collin, who was 5 weeks early but he is doing well and is happy and healthy:) He was 5lbs and 19 ounces. I'm so happy they're doing well and we can't wait to Welcome them home! Congrats Ashley & Blake!

We've been doing so many things around the house and going on little get aways that I haven't had time to upload any recent pictures but they are to come. I could continue on but I don't want to make this too long! I just wanted to give little shout outs to certain special people ;)

We are extremely excited.. our birthdays are in a month and it will be our first married birthday together :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shagging :)

Our first official "Shag" Night.
Kyle & I went with a group of friends/Kyle's boss to Shag Night at Miler Country Club in Summerville. It was alot of fun. Kyle & I don't really know how to shag but we are going to take shag lessons once he's off his crazy work schedule and I'm back from vacation ;)
The Band of Oz played that evening and theyre pretty good!
We danced all night, had a few cocktails, ate,  and danced some more.
I definitly look forward to another "Shagging" night with the Mr.
my hunk of love

the ladies

we love mr.murray ... kyle's boss ;)

the gang

us with band of oz

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cooking with the Bluthardt's

We have officially cooked 4 "homecooked" meals in our new house and it's only been 2 weeks... that's pretty good for us. I took pictures of only 2 out of the 4 nights, but I did snag a picture of our first alcoholic beverage with Miss. Cheserae(future Mrs) in the new house! The first homecooked meal was my famous pancakes. I may not be able to cook much but I can make some darn pancakes ;)
The second meal was Saturday night with my best, Cheserae, we cooked pasta with shrimp, peppers and garlic. This night we had some YUMMY famous Cheserae dessert that if I could I'd eat every single day! We also had a few tasty beverages.

Sunday night Kyle and I made homemade pizzas... We LOVE cheese so we made cheese, fresh tomato and parsley pizzas ;) They were fantastic.

Last but not least, last night we grilled out (first night!) steaks and kabobs with 2 different types of beans (Kyle's doing) , mac & cheese and yummy Cheserae's (what was left over) dessert! This was ALL Kyle's doing and he's a pretty great cook :)

I will keep you all updated on our homecooked meals when they happen again... This girl is no domestic wife, that's why I married a man who could cook!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day & Special Birthday

Happy Father's Day, Dad!
I got to spend some time with my Dad in Pawley's Island at his FAVORITE place to eat, Island Bar and Grill. It was great to get to see him and be able to spend some time with him :) We also got a great family announcement that will soon come out... later! I have to keep my bloggers on their toes ;)

My brother Nicholas, who is in Sharana, has a birthday today :) He turned 26!
Unfortunately, he doesn't get to spend it here with his family and friends. He is over there working hard, making that money! I hope he had a great birthday and I'm sure the guys over there made it as wonderful as possible :)

Kyle's Dad, who lives in Hawaii, we didn't get to see (obvious-he lives on an island) but we did send him a gift and we hope that he had a great day. Maybe one day we'll get to spend some time with him on an actual Father's Day :)

So to 3 men in my life... Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday, Bubba!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

new blog site :)

I decided to start blogging about my salon... Why haven't I been doing this all along?
I have no clue.
So here's the new site...

For those of you who are not going to click on my link and look at my new blogspot you are missing out on a "good deal" :)

More blogging to come this weekend.... Happy Friday! (it's midnight)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Officially Homeowners :)

As of May 31st, Kyle and I are homeowners!
We closed on our house and have been moving, moving, moving ever since... it has been crazy but we couldn't be happier :)
Like I said in my previous post (below) it has been a bittersweet feeling for me to leave my "wescott home" and move into something brand new with new memories. It isn't a bad thing at all but it definitly has been a little different for the past 2 weeks!
The day we closed we went to Lowe's and bought a gallon of "weeping willow" paint and painted our entire living room (besides the trim, i'm horrible at that). We were so excited we wanted to start moving right away... sure enough we did. We have officially moved all the way in... settled? That's a whole different blog ;)
We have painted 4 different rooms (pictures will be up sooner rather than later) and we have "set up" each room how we would like it... for the time being ;) I like to move furniture. alot.
Kyle, Ty and Cullen built an entire fence in a day and a half... wow. They were POOPED!
Walker now has a back yard he can run freely in :)
I am so thankful for what we have been blessed with and will put pictures up shortly... I must finish an entire room before I show pictures though, so I'll start with the outside of the house :)
home sweet home

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

our new beginning...

For those who know Kyle and I, we have been going through the process of becoming homeowners and (fingers crossed) everything will be completed May 31st and we will have a house that is OURS. Ever since I got married (3 months ago) I haven't felt "married." Everyone says it changes and your relationship changes and everything about you, including your name, changes. I haven't felt any different other than calling this man I've known more than half my life my "husband." That has been an adjustment! The house we have lived in for the past few years has been our home and all that we've ever really known. We literally got engaged in this house, in our bedroom (after he made me go through a little path to find him with rose petals and notes.. but that's not the point). I'm not going to lie I am sad to leave behind this home that we have made so many memories in that I can't even list on this blog because I might get a little emotional. I know they say when you get married that you're on your own... You do away from your parents and become one and I don't have a problem with that but changes kind of freak me out (those of you who know me, know that I freak about everything anyways) but really you start to think you're leaving this house you've lived in for years to start a "new beginning" in this very large and brand new home and it's no longer "his" or "yours" ... it's YA'LLS. Who would have thought that word would have such a LARGE meaning... I don't mind sharing with my husband that's not the problem readers, the problem is I feel as if when I move out of this house that everything I've ever done or known is about to really change and I will feel MARRIED. wow. Good thing I love and even like my husband ;)
back in the day

our wedding